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Buy Insane Teddy potpourri 10g


Buy Insane Teddy potpourri 10g

This is a bear of a herbal potpourri. If you want a quality product to aid in your daily meditations, this is it.When you light up a dish of Insane Teddy Incense you should be ready for a crazy session.

It has a sweet heady fragrance that will make your meditation session anything but ordinary.
Light up a dish and let the relaxation party begin.

Insane Teddy Incense is no run of the mill potpourri. This is the real thing full of plenty of bite. Be ready for extremely heightened senses, a pleasant warm sensation, and floating quality. Light your first dish and you will know that it only takes a small amount to keep that glow going for hours.

If you think you are ready to experience Insane Teddy Incense, order some today.

We suggest that only experienced meditators brave the effects of Insane Teddy herbal Incense. Each order comes in a sealed package that guarantees freshness every time you burn it.


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