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Bizarro herbal incense 3g


Bizarro herbal incense 3g

The Bizarro Herbal incense  is a top high quality organic content available to hit the sweetest factor of fulfillment. It is made of high quality natural content tested under best tracking.

BIZZARO is one of today’s best, hottest and most wanted herbal incense product in the market.

This product is very unique. It’s smooth, fruity and very rich in aroma, yet very potent and extremly strong herbal incense

BIZARRO comes in 4 differnet sizes, 1.5g , 3.5g ,10g and 15g .Also it comes in many flavors Blueberry, Cherry, Strawberry and Original

Bizzaro is consided one of the most powerful and mind blowing herbals in the country . It is very relaxing . It sells very fast .

so don’t miss the chance and get your product today before it becomes out of stock.


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