Buy Wholesale Herbal Incense Spice

Buy Wholesale Herbal Incense Spice

Top notch quality herbal incense blends in bulk @ wholesale prices.

Best Herbal Incense Wholesale prices.From $2.5 to $1 per Gram. Email us at:

Trial / Minimum Order
50 (3g) Bags
Net weight: 150 grams.
Price per bag is $6
Price you pay: $300.00

Starter Pack– 20% Off
300 grams = 100 (3g) Bags
Price: US $ 600.00
Discount 10%: $60
Price you pay: US $540

Pick & Pay Pack – 30% Off
500 grams = 167 (3g) Bags
Price: US $ 1002
Discount 20%: $200
Price you pay: US $801

Retailer Pack – 38% Off
750 grams = 334(3g) Bags
Price US $ 1,875
Discount: :  $ 712
Price you pay: US $1,162

Smoke Shop Pack- 45% Off
1500 grams (1.5kg) = 500 (3g) Bags
Price US $3,750
Discount: $ 1687
Price you pay: US $2,063

Ultimate Pack – 55% Off
3000 grams (3KG) = 1000 (3g) Bags
Price: US $ 7,500
Discount: $ 4125
Price you pay: US $3,375

Now you can mix-match your order with different brands or different bags sizes from 1g, 2g, 3g, 4g, 5g, 10g, 15g & 25g.

How it works:
For Example
You order 500 Grams,
You customize your order
150 Grams X Brain Freeze in 1 gram Bags
150 Grams X Mad Hatter in 4 gram Bags
100 Grams X Mr. Nice Guy in 5 gram Bags
100 Grams X Cloud 9 in 10 gram Bags

And then you email order to us alongside your shipping address.

Free Shipping ✓Same day Dispatch ✓ Guaranteed Delivery✓
Big Discounts!!!
Ships with our 100% Return/Refund Policy.
3 Days Money Back Guarantee✓

Priority Shipping with Local Logistics, EMS, USPS , UPS, FedEx & TNT, Signed For 1st Class Delivery.

Payment Options;
Bitcoin,RIA money transfer,Walmart,Western Union,Money Gram, Bank Transfer.

Our best herbal incense spice wholesale prices.
You can now buy herbal incense wholesale with us in Retail & Bulk
Now you can buy herbal incense @ the most affordable bulk price rates.

You can also buy herbal incense wholesale unpacked.
We will ship with empty bags for you to package at your shop.

Email us to order today: /

We pride ourselves when it comes to legal highs.
We have promoted customers who have taken their financial future into their own hands by investing in herbal incense and research chemicals.
Our commitment to you is to provide extraordinary service throughout your legal high buying experience.

To give 100% customer satisfaction,

All our orders are shipped with a free three days 100% return /refund policy upon delivery of parcel.
What does this mean?
If you order from us and package does not arrive, We will locate package and if possible issue a new package provided the first one did not arrive your address.( Tracking # is the truth)
Provided you received the order and you’re not satisfied with it due to ONLY quality issue of product, Then send it back to us UN-opened as we recommend at most 5 bags to be open upon arrival first to try before unpacking entire box.
When you send back to us, we will then have a new order shipped to your address or possibly issue a refund based on your suggestions.

You can read more on our Delivery page below;

Payment & Delivery
Stay in touch with us with your customer ID and make more profit from consistent purchases.

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